Thursday, September 2, 2021

Best Breast Forms for Crossdressers in 2021

Kumiho 7th generations of breast forms is divided into sizes: S size and L size, upper bust: 88-114cm, lower bust: 72-86.5cm, and each size corresponds to B/C/D/E/H cups.

7G Realistic Silicone Breast Forms

Breast Forms Feature:

1. Size rich, multi-bust, skin texture, multi-body selection, suitable for a variety of body.

2. Floating point process upgrade, floating point impermeable, empty stronger sense of air wearing firm, to solve the shortcomings of the last few generations of breastplate easy to sweat.

3. The use of new medical silicone, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless, will not pollute the environment. And improve the toughness, tear resistance, more durable.

4. Makeup process upgrade, no-oil, not sensitive, not reflective ,light, higher color fastness, looks the same as the real chest.

5. 7G breasts are filled with liquid silicone, with excellent softness, touching the same as the real, walking and real breasts as well as shaking.

Widely recommended for crossdressers, transgender, drag queens, mastectomy, cosplay or male to female.

Monday, August 16, 2021

Professional Crossdressers: Whether to choose silicone or silk cotton for breastplate fillers?

To become a professional cross-dresser or transvestite, you need to buy the right breastplate equipment for you. Most of breast forms on the market today is made of silicone, and there are two main types of breastplate filler substances, silicone or silk cotton. So how do you buy the right breastplate? The following details the characteristics of these two types of padding.

Silicone, or hydrogel, this production process is more demanding, so the general price will be more expensive than silk-filled breastplate. Silicone filled feel very good, my office has a pair of D cups, when free time I will use to play, pinching the feel and the real breast. And wear walking, will naturally sway, extremely real, can do to fake.

Silk cotton, the breast forms using silk cotton filling will be much lighter than silicone filling, for example, the same C cup breastplate, silk weighs 2kg, silicone will be about 3kg. If you are wearing a long time I suggest you choose silk filling, because relatively light is not easy to fatigue.

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Sunday, August 8, 2021

2021 Best choice for crossdresser & drag queen: silicone breastplate

 Cross-dressing is a spiritual pursuit for free people. If you just like cross-dressing culture and want to know what you need to prepare for cross-dressing? Then please read on.

Men and women differ greatly in their physical makeup, for example, women's breasts can be larger than men's. When the opposite sex meets for the first time, the first thing men look at in women is usually their breasts. So the first step for a new crossdresser is to change his chest.

In the past, people achieved MTF (male to female) through gender reassignment surgery. Except expensive, it can have a negative impact on a person's health. The emergence of silicone breastplate is undoubtedly a great advancement in technology, which allows crossdressers to have a pair of fake breasts without having to undergo sex reassignment surgery.

So newcomer should how to choose the right cross-dressing silicone breastplate, I recommend wearing a high neck and long sleeves C cup or D cup breast forms. Because if the neckline is too long, you can cut it at will, while if the short form can not be cut. Also, the long-sleeved ones can cover the hand hairs that you didn't have time to shave off.

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Best Breast Forms for Crossdressers in 2021

Kumiho 7th generations of breast forms is divided into sizes: S size and L size, upper bust: 88-114cm, lower bust: 72-86.5cm, and each size...